Sunday, December 5, 2010

Attention Band of Brothers

Hey guys just a reminder that your Band of Brothers T-shirt money is due on the 19th of dec. Also we still need men for set-up and tear-down crew for 2011! We also need to continue to help each other grow in Christ and make more of a commitment to serve God and our community this new year. We need to continue to reach men and share the gospel with them and begin to "Break the Cycle!" We have had an awesome year and have really set a solid foundation for our Band of Brothers ministry. We need to continue to fuel the fire and not let the coals die down and loose the momentum that we have built. We need to continue to give God complete control of this ministry and continue to pray hard morning noon and night. Just think if all the men in our church began praying like this, if we became just crazy prayer warriors! Just thinking about what God has planned for our church and for our men gets me pumped for this year and I hope you feel the same way! Thanks for all the work that you have done this past year and I look foward to serving along side the men of LTC in 2011.
Your Brother in Christ,
Jared Owens

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  1. Good stuff!! Im glad to have an awesome group of men to enjoy fellowship with!!
    Your Brother in Christ Davo